Protector of Citizens is Saša Janković, a law graduate from Belgrade. On 4 August 2012 he was elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia to a second five-year term as Protector of Citizens.  All parliamentary groups, i.e. 167 MPs, voted in favour of Mr. Janković’s re-election.

Saša Janković was first elected as Protector of Citizens on 29 June 2007 with a majority of 143 votes.

Janković was born in 1970 in Loznica. He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1996. In 2005, he completed the specialist security studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade and acquired the title of specialist for national and global security.

From 1994 to 1997 he worked as a journalist in Beta Agency. From 1997 to 2000 he worked as an Expert Associate in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. From 2003 until the appointment to the function of the Protector of Citizens, he was a National Legal Advisor in the Democratization Department of OSCE Mission to Serbia, in Belgrade.

He published several scientific and expert works in Serbian and English languages, including:

  • “Intelligence/Security Systems of Serbia and Montenegro“ (у Anja Ebnöther, Philipp Fluri and Predrag Jurekovic (eds), Security Sector Governance in the Western Balkans: Self-Assessment Studies on Defence, Intelligence, Police and Border Management Reform, Austrian National Defence Academy and DCAF in co-operation with PfP-Consortium, 2007),
  • “The Status of Serbia’s Intelligence Reform and its Challenges” (у Anja Ebnöther, Ernst Felberbauer and Mladen Staničić (eds), Security Sector Reform in South East Europe - from a Necessary Remedy to a Global Concept, Austrian National Defence Academy, DCAF and the PfP Consortium, 2007),
  • “Parliamentary Oversight of Security Services” (Serbian Law Journal, 2008),
  • “Local Ombudsmen in Serbia” (Local Self-Government – Regulations and Practice, 4/2010),
  • “Principle of Opportunity in Ombudsman’s Work” (Legal Records, 2/2012).

He has received numerous awards from the international and Serbian expert communities for his contribution and dedication to the protection and improvement of human rights and democratic progress in Serbia as the Protector of Citizens, including:

In 2015, the Communicator of the Year, the “Contribution to the Year” and the “Walker” awards and the French “National Order of Merit in the Rank of Knight”,

In 2013, “A Real Man” award,

in 2012, the “Contribution to the Year” award and the award of the Association of Magistrate Judges,

In 2011, the “Personality of the Year” and “The Best European” awards, as well as the award for a special contribution to affirmation of freedom of information and transparency of work of all categories of pubic authorities.

He speaks English.