Ombudsman Saša Janković calls on all participants of the election campaign, as well as the citizens who are being addressed in the elections, for maximum responsibility and tolerance, and respect for the letter and spirit of electoral legislation so that the electoral rights of citizens could be exercised in a truly democratic atmosphere.
The Ombudsman particularly condemns any form of violence, considering it dangerous and harmful in many ways and appeals to all electoral competitors, their members and sympathizers to demonstrate in every situation that political power is not won nor defended by fists and force, but arguments. The citizens of Serbia are entitled to, and deserve a dignified political competition, not unseemly and repulsive scenes.
The Ombudsman points out that the public should be truthfully, timely and comprehensively informed about events of public interest. That right of citizens, stipulated by the Constitution, should be respected by all who inform citizens about events using various means of communication - including the political parties, both those in power and those who aspire to power.
The Republican Ombudsman once again reminds us that the election campaign should not see the use of public services and resources, and that it should meet the health and social needs of citizens. There is no place for aggression in "door to door" campaigns , and the pre-election activities in schools and involving students, or in kindergartens, playrooms and similar spaces with children are illegal and utterly inappropriate. Any compulsion, intimidation or bribery of citizens to support or withdraw support to a certain political option is illicit and punishable.
Ombudsman has recently met with the Head of the election observation mission of the OSCE, Ambassador Geert-Hinrich Ahrens, to discuss the implementation and protection of the rights of Serbian citizens in free, democratic elections.