Female refugees and migrants, children in movement, refugees and migrants with developmental delays and disabilities, as well as LGBTI refugees and migrants are in an extremely sensitive position and more frequently they are victims of various forms of violence. After the visit to the Asylum Center in Krnjača and learning about the cases of violence at this Center, the Protector of Citizens, upon his own initiative initiated the proceedings toward the City Center for Social Work Belgrade and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs as well as against the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations (CRM) -Center for Asylum Krnjača and the Ministry of Interior asking for information on each individual case of violence against women and children staying at the Asylum Center Krnjača.

Based on the statements of controlled bodies and documentation submitted by the bodies to the Protector of Citizens, this body confirmed that there is no complete exchange of information and coordination in cases of violence between different authorities, so the exchange of information frequently boils down to sending information on the suspicion to violence, without the reception of feedback about what was done about it. Furthermore, CRM and asylum center representatives do not participate at the conferences of cases referring to violence against women and violence, abuse and negligence of children or at the meetings of groups for coordination and cooperation or at accredited trainings. Also, it was confirmed that there is no adequate number of female interpreters for Urdu and Pashtu languages. In order to remove the identified shortcomings, the Protector of Citizens issued the Opinion to the Commissariat for refugees, migrations, to the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, to the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance.