Acting assistant secretary general of the Protector of Citizens, Jablanka Tabas, said today that since the establishment of the institution, 120 citizens of Sjenica addressed the Protector of Citizens, and that 90 complaints have been filed, all of which have been closed.

The visit to Sjenica is the twelfth of the thirteen planned visits that we are implementing as part of the “Day of the Protector of Citizens” campaign. The number of complaints received from Sjenica is lower than the average number of complaints from other cities and municipalities in Serbia. This is precisely why we are in Sjenica today, said Tabas, to inform the citizens about exercising their rights and to encourage them to file complaints about the work of public authorities in a situation where they believe their rights are being threatened.

Jablanka Tabas spoke with Mayor of the municipality of Sjenica, Hazbo Mujovic, and his associates, about continued cooperation in the field of protection of human and minority rights. The meeting was also an opportunity to speak with the representatives of the local self-government about citizens' complaints received that morning by representatives of the expert service of the Protector of Citizens.

During the day, acting assistant secretary general Jablanka Tabas and Dragana Grabovica held a meeting with representatives of public companies and the non-governmental sector and outlined the work of the Protector of Citizens in the field of protection of human and minority rights.