At the end of November, a complainant from the town of Kruševac filed a complaint to the Protector of Citizens stating that on 30 September 2019, she submitted a request to the Police Directorate in Kruševac for the reimbursement of 7,940 RSD that she paid to the account of MOI for taking a professional examination for a licensed security officer.

However, the complainant did not take this examination since the legal entity, where she was supposed to start working, ceased working. By the date of her filing the complaint, the complainant’s request was not responded to, nor were the funds reimbursed. The Protector of Citizens launched the control procedure over the work of the Ministry of Interior in November, and, the MOI submitted a document as soon as 20 and 26 December 2019 stating that after the launching of the Protector of Citizens’ control procedure, the MOI ordered the Ministry of Finance - Treasury Administration, to reimburse the funds to the complainant.