The first cycle of workshops for preschool children, jointly organized by Children’s Cultural Centre and the Protector of Citizens was completed by today's workshop, participants of which were the children from kindergarten "Kasper" - part of Vračar Preschool Institution.

Over the past four days, more than one hundred children from the kindergartens in Belgrade participated in the workshops of the Protector of Citizens whose aim was to acquaint the youngest with the concept of child rights. To that end, the employees in the Ombudsman’s Sector for Child Rights and Gender Equality prepared an interactive play entitled “Magical Land of Child Rights” which was performed within the workshops.

The Deputy Protector of Citizens for Child Rights, Ms. Jelena Stojanović, believes that, judging by children’s reactions, the workshops proved to be a good solution which is why new cycles of workshops are planned for the coming period.