Citizens are human rights owners and the state is obliged to ensure that the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws are not violated but respected. Human and minority rights and liberties are the basic foundation values of the Republic of Serbia, along with rule of law and social justice, principles of civil democracy and commitment to European principles and values.

This tentative commitment of the Constitution is confirmed by many normative and practical measures that the Republic of Serbia undertakes for the promotion and protection of human and minority rights and liberties. One of them is the establishment of Ombudsman institution with clearly expressed function of protection and promotion of human and minority liberties and rights.

The Protector of Citizens is, according to the Constitution and the Law, authorized and obligated to oversee the protection and promotion of human and minority rights and liberties. In our society, deep-rooted, often unconscious discrimination, intolerance and hostility towards the others that are somehow different (skin color, origin, religion, sexual orientation or other personal affiliation) sets the priority areas of the Protector of Citizens’ engagement in protecting and improving human and minority rights and liberties. The Law itself directs the Protector of Citizens to pay special attention to the protection of national minority rights, child’s rights, rights of persons with disabilities, rights of persons deprived of liberty and gender equality.