Prioritizing the Protector of Citizens’ engagement in advocating for the respect of rights of persons with disabilities has proven to be more than justifiable. By performing specific activities within the scope of its legally determined competences, the Protector of Citizens has reacted publicly to the violation of rights of persons with disabilities, warning the competent authorities about the failure to respect regulations and about the violation of human rights.

Persons with disabilities are systematically excluded from the sphere of education, employment, politics, culture, leisure and recreation. The measures and practice of political and legal system, economic structures, official services etc. often pose barriers to participation of persons with disabilities.

Education and sensibilization of persons without disabilities is necessary to make them understand the notion of discrimination, to become aware of its existence and of themselves as discriminators in particular situations. It is equally important to provide persons with disabilities with relevant education and sensibilization, as well as timely information on their rights, laws and changes/news in laws in order to enable them to understand the mechanism of discrimination, to become aware of its presence everywhere and the necessity (and possibility) to actively fight against it.