Upon learning from the social media about the alleged shortcomings in protecting the best interests of a child in the vicinity of the town of Zaječar, the Protector of Citizens launched own-initiative investigation to control the regularity and legality of the work of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and Social Welfare Center in Zaječar with the aim of determining all the relevant circumstances.

The Protector of Citizens requires SWC Zaječar to inform him within 15 days at the latest whether and since when the child's family is on the Center’s record, what activities and measures in the field of family law protection the Center has taken so far, where the child is currently accommodated, who is currently in charge of the child’s rights and interests protection and on what legal basis.

The Protector of Citizens demands from the competent Ministry to submit within the same legal deadline the report on monitoring, which was initiated on Sunday, 27 September 2020, over the professional work of the SWC together with all the documentation, as well as to inform him whether it undertook any activities (if yes, which?) within its competencies to protect the best interests of the child prior to 27 September 2020.

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