Following the Protector of Citizens’ Recommendation, the Ministry of Interior issued an order to all organizational units to change the existing manner of handling citizens’ submissions, meaning that the decisions on citizens’ requests need to be made as administrative acts i.e. to include the rationale and the instruction on legal remedy.

Upon completing the procedure of controlling the work of the Ministry of Interior in August 2020, the Protector of Citizens issued a Recommendation to the Ministry to qualify future citizens' submissions according to the content, to apply measures and activities within its competence and to decide in legally specified form, bearing in mind that in handling citizens’ requests in the past, it did not decide in the form of an administrative act.

The Ministry of Interior informed the Protector of Citizens that it had sent a recommendation on changing the manner of work to Ministry’s organizational units, which within their competencies applied the Law on General Administrative Procedure, for consistent implementation in the future.