After learning that the media published details from the verdict for sexual intercourse with a child, which they excerpted from the Novi Sad High Court’s press release, the Protector of Citizens instigated the investigation of controlling work legality and regularity of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia requesting the monitoring of the Court’s administration work.

Given the possibility that the child's right to privacy has been violated, the Protector of Citizens requires the Ministry of Justice to monitor the work of the court administration of the High Court in Novi Sad to determine whether the court’s press release, published by the media, was in accordance with the provision of Article 58 of the Court’s Rules of Procedure and the child’s best interests.

The texts published in the media and on social networks provided information from the aggrieved child’s personal and family life, as well as details regarding the events that constitute criminal offences, which, according to the texts, were taken from the Novi Sad High Court’s press release, the Protector of Citizens states.

"I have seen for myself on multiple occassions that newspaper articles and publications that can cause an immediate sensation in the public leave severe consequences and great trauma for children for the rest of their lives," the Protector of Citizens Mr. Zoran Pašalić said.

Mr. Pašalić once again urges all journalists and media editors to take care primarily of the protection of child’s best interests and then to the protection of their privacy, which does the Law, when publishing any data on child abuse, even court decisions.

The Protector of Citizens requests the Ministry of Justice to submit information on the results of the performed supervision within 15 days, with a copy of the relevant documentation.