In May 2020, the Protector of Citizens’ team in their capacity as the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) paid an unannounced visit to Smederevo Police Administration in order to monitor the implementation of the Recommendations from the Report of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) which followed the visits to the Republic of Serbia in 2017. The team leader was the Deputy Protector of Citizens, Ms. Nataša Tanjević, PhD. Following the visit, the Team issued the Report with Recommendations to Smederovo PA.

The Ministry of Interior’s response on acting on the recommendations reads that a new room has been designated in the facility where confiscated items will be kept, that conditions have been provided for disposing of these items, and that police officers have been warned of the ban on keeping the confiscated items in offices. In addition, police officers were instructed to record in the detention record the date and time when the family member, relative or defense counsel was informed of the person's deprivation of liberty.

The response also stated that due to the epidemic, the seminar "PEACE Model for Conducting Investigative Interviews" was postponed, intended for all police officers who exercise police powers and aimed at professionalizing the way interviews with witnesses, victims and suspects are conducted, and that it would continue as soon as health conditions establish. Within the Professional Development Program, classes on the topic "Police work with minority, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups" are also planned.

Regarding the recommendation that all persons detained for more than 12 hours be provided with at least one full meal, the Protector of Citizens was informed that acting on this recommendation was underway, in coordination with the Police Directorate, which would take measures within its competence to realize the agreements for providing hot meals from the District Prison in Smederevo and the barracks in Smederevska Palanka.

The Smederevo PA did not act on the recommendation regarding the provision of dedicated interrogation rooms and equipment with appropriate technical equipment for recording the interrogation, as its implementation depends on the available budget funds of the Ministry of Interior and the list of priorities set for providing dedicated premises in all police administrations in the country.