After learning from the media that children with spinal muscular atrophy have been waiting for six months for the only therapy they can receive, while their health condition is deteriorating, the Protector of Citizens launched today own initiative investigations of controlling work legality and regularity of Republic Health Insurance Fund (RHIF) and Child and Adolescent Neurology and Psychiatry Clinic in Belgrade.

Due to the possibility of endangering or violating the rights and best interests of a child, in the procedure initiated after learning from the media that there is a delay in the procedure of registering "Risdiplam" syrup, the Protector of Citizens demands that these two institutions notify him on the relevant facts and circumstances related to the procedures of approval and registration of this medicine.

The Protector of Citizens requests the RHIF and the Child and Adolescent Neurology and Psychiatry Clinic to notify him within 15 days on the measures and activities that will be taken in this case, as well about the phase of considering the medicine’s approval and registration as well as about the time when a final decision might be expected.