The Protector of Citizens requested from Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar, simultaneously with the own-initiative investigation instigated following media allegations on sexual abuse of a child from that town, to take actions during the interrogation of the injured child to avoid secondary victimization of the victim and to protect child’s best interests.

In the request to the Prosecutor's Office, the Protector of Citizens has pointed out that during the interrogation of the injured child from Zaječar, technical means should be used to transmit images and sound whenever possible, in specially equipped and child-friendly rooms.

The Protector of Citizens addressed the Zaječar Higher Prosecutor's Office within the obligation of all state bodies of the Republic of Serbia to undertake activities and exchange information in order to protect guaranteed human rights and freedoms of all citizens, given that the Protector of Citizens is not competent to control the work of public prosecutor's offices, among other things.

In addition, upon the information from the media, the Protector of Citizens issued own-initiative investigations of controlling work legality and regularity of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and Social Welfare Center Zaječar requesting to be informed within 15 days on the measures and activities taken in this case.