The Protector of Citizens receives a large number of complaints against the bodies whose work the Protector of Citizens is not authorized to control according to the Constitution and laws. The Office of the Protector of Citizens also receives a large number of complaints, which, after having examined them, the Protector of Citizens cannot react upon, in accordance with his/her authority, due to their untimely submission or lack of necessary data. In case of rejection of complaints, the Protector of Citizens does not provide free legal assistance but advisory assistance in accordance with the Constitution and law.

Legal Counselling Department instructs complainants about adequate procedures before competent bodies through which they can protect their rights and interests.

Judging by the received complaints that are beyond the Protector of Citizens’ competence, we have established that the majority of citizens face almost identical problems in attempting to exercise their rights before public administration bodies, regardless of whether they are related to foreign currency savings, employment related problems or exercising rights before courts. For this reason we have decided to help citizens with a short overview of frequently asked questions and corresponding advice.

  1. Changing the method of enforcement in enforcement procedures
  2. Legal counseling regarding the payment of old foreign currency savings
  3. Legal counseling regarding employment mediation
  4. Health insurance of foreign citizens registered with the National Employment Service
  5. Legal counseling for citizens complaining about the work of courts
  6. Legal counseling regarding the violation of labour rights and right to work