After learning from the media about a child being pimped for sexual intercourse in Aleksinac and the other one molested in Bogatić, the Protector of Citizens initiated multiple own-initiative investigations to control the work legality and regularity of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and Social Welfare Centers in these two towns.

Taking into account the fact that the Ministry has announced that it will monitor the work of the Social Welfare Centers in Aleksinac and Bogatić, the Protector of Citizens requests from the competent ministry to submit within 15 days a report on the monitoring over their work.

The Protector of Citizens requests from the SWCs in Aleksinac and Bogatić to submit information within 15 days whether the families of these abused children were previously on the centers’ records, and if so, which activities within the competence of the centers were undertaken in the previous period.

Furthermore, it is necessary to submit data on the activities within their competence that have been undertaken in connection with the mentioned information in order to protect the rights and best interests of children.