After learning that an elderly couple was denied the service of a geronto-housewife because one of the spouses was infected with the coronavirus and that they had medicine and food supplies for a few more days, the Protector of Citizens initiated an own-initiative investigation of controlling work legality and regularity of the Belgrade Institute of Public Health and Belgrade Gerontology Center.

The Protector of Citizens was acquainted with the problems that the married couple from Belgrade, beneficiaries of the "Home Help" Service of the Belgrade Gerontology Center, have been facing after one of them tested positive for coronavirus.

On 30 November 2020, in a telephone conversation with the coordinator of the "Home Help" Service of the Belgrade Gerontology Center, the Protector of Citizens learnt that the Center inquired Belgrade Institute of Public Health on the manner of rendering services in the new situation in the specific case, i.e. whether geronto-housewives can help the couple with food and medicines purchasing.

As the Protector of Citizens was informed on that occasion, as well as during the telephone conversation on 1 December 2020, the response from Belgrade City Institute for Public Health was not received.

The Protector of Citizens therefore requests the two city institutions to notify him as soon as possible, with the submission of relevant documentation, about all facts and circumstances, as well as of the activities undertaken. The Protector of Citizens specifically requests Belgrade City Institute for Public Health to notify him whether it responded to the Belgrade Gerontology Center, and if not, to provide the reasons.

The Protector of Citizens requests the two Institutions to provide information on how the provision of services to beneficiaries is organized in the event when a beneficiary or a household member tests positive for coronavirus or is in self isolation, as well as how the geronto-housewives’ provision of services is organized in those situations.