Who can file a complaint and how?

All citizens can contact the Protector of Citizens (women, men – adults and children), regardless of citizenship. The Protector of Citizens can also be contacted by any group of citizens, associations, companies or other legal entities, domestic or foreign (unions, NGOs, etc.). The Protector of Citizen, however, can accept only the complaints about the bodies applying the regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The Protector of Citizen has no authority over foreign bodies or international organizations.

Before filing a complaint, the complainant is obligated to try to protect his/her rights in an appropriate legal procedure.

The simplest way of filing a complaint is to fill in a form available in the Protector of Citizens premises. You can also download it here.

Whom and what can you complain about?

The Protector of Citizens can accept the complaints against the bodies that apply the regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The Protector of Citizens has no authority against any foreign bodies or international organizations. Hence, you can complain to unlawful, irregular or malicious activity of:

  • State administration body
  • Body authorized for legal protection of property rights and interests of the Republic of Serbia
  • Other bodies and organizations, companies and institutions entrusted with public authority

The reason for complaining can be the violation of rights and liberties committed through acts, actions or failure to act by administration bodies, if it is the omission regarding national laws, other regulations and general acts.

Is any fee charged for filing a complaint?

The filing of complaint, as well as the entire procedure before the Protector of Citizens, is entirely free of charge.

It is desirable that citizens use their right and address the Protector of Citizens in cases when it is absolutely necessary. Irresponsible filling of complaints deprives others of their rights, money of all tax payers is spent irrationally, valuable time that could be used for solving justified complaints is wasted and general protection of citizens is hindered or rendered difficult.

What language can I use in contacting the Protector of Citizens?

Any language and script that you may use in everyday communication.

In which cases does the Protector of Citizens review the complaint?

The Protector of Citizens will review your complaint if

  • The subject of the complaint is within the purview of the Protector of Citizens
  • Less than a year has passed from the violation of rights till the submission of complaint
  • You have tried to protect your rights with all available legal means
  • You have signed the complaint and filled in all data necessary for the Protector of Citizens to act

If some of the aforementioned conditions are not met, it is considered that there are no grounds for the Protector of Citizens to act and your complaint will be rejected and you will be informed about the reasons.

Exclusively, if some of the aforementioned conditions are not met, the Protector of Citizens may invite you to supplement the complaint. In case you fail to do so, the complaint will be rejected.

Can you suffer any consequences for having contacted the Protector of Citizens?

Citizens cannot be subjected to any criminal, misdemeanor, disciplinary or any other liability or sanction for contacting the Protector of Citizens in good faith or for providing information of significance for the procedure carried out by the Protector of Citizens.