In the investigation initiated upon learning from the media about the sexual abuse of a child from Zaječar, the Protector of Citizens determined that only after the monitoring by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy did the Zaječar Social Welfare Center react and place the child in a foster family, which was why disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the expert workers.

From the documentation on this inspection, which the line ministry submitted to the Protector of Citizens, it follows that during the case assessment following the report of the Zaječar Police Administration from 2019 with serious allegations indicating gross neglect of a minor, the competent Center did not act upon legal powers and expert standards.

The Protector of Citizens was provided with the documentation suggesting that the competent ministry, during the supervision of the Zaječar Center, determined that the guardianship authority did not conduct a comprehensive assessment of the case and all segments that are important for the child's development, i.e. did not check the allegations from the police complaint in an adequate and sound manner.

After the monitoring by the competent Ministry, it was determined that the legal conditions for urgent removal of the child from the parent's family were met and the procedure of appointing a temporary guardian for the child was initiated, following which the child was placed in a foster family.

The Ministry then instructed the Center in Zaječar to determine accountability of the expert workers, who, after the procedure, were given a warning measure announcing the termination of the employment contract, as well as to ensure that the expert workers of the Center attend adequate trainings in the field of protection of children from abuse and neglect, the Protector of Citizens ascertained.