Despite the fact that within its organizational structure it has established a special service for compulsory debt enforcement of utility users’ outstanding liabilities, PUC "Infostan tehnologije" established the practice of hiring law firms in order to enforce the collection of overdue receivables without any grounds in the potential need to protect the public interest (considering that the amounts of collected costs belong to lawyers, i.e. they do not represent the budget revenue of PUC "Infostan tehnologije") and at the expense of citizens' rights.

The Protector of Citizens believes that by such actions of PUC "Infostan tehnologije", citizens, as enforcement debtors of communal services, who do not meet their obligations mostly for socio-economic reasons, in addition to the costs of public enforcement officers, are additionally burdened by the costs of lawyers, resulting in a deterioration of their already economically unenviable position.

The Opinion issued by the Protector of Citizens to PUC "Infostan tehnologije" states, among other things, that in the coming period the PUC "Infostan tehnologije" should authorize the Public Attorney’s Office of the City of Belgrade for the collection of subject claims, until the situation is permanently and purposefully resolved by the city of Belgrade, in order to overcome the problem of understaffing.