The Protector of Citizens, Mr. Zoran Pašalić, conveyed his congratulations on the upcoming holidays to the citizens of Serbia wishing them sound health and progress and highlighted greater engagement of the Institution which he represents on further promotion and protection of human rights of all citizens, as well as the control of competent institutions’ work legality and regularity.

“Distinguished citizens of Serbia, I wish you a lot of health, joy and success in the new 2021. The Protector of Citizens’ priority will continue to be full protection and respect for the human rights of all citizens, as well as detailed monitoring over the work of all competent state institutions. The doors of the institution are always open to you ", the Protector of Citizens said.

Mr. Pašalić reminded that the institution of the Protector of Citizens in 2020, which was completely marked by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, gained the greatest trust of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia, which was confirmed by two separate surveys of civil society organizations and the United Nations Human Rights Team.

“One of the challenges that is before us in the coming year is the adoption of the new Law on the Protector of Citizens drafted by the experts from our Institution. This draft law should provide the Protector of Citizens, as an independent state institution, greater competencies in order to enable the citizens of Serbia to realize their rights as effectively as possible”, Mr. Pašalić said.