Today, the Deputy Protector of Citizens for Child Rights and Gender Equality, Ms. Jelena Stojanović, called on the competent authorities and all public life participants to adopt a Code on Citizens’ Rights оnline, which would recommend the rules of conduct for participants in this area in order to protect the rights of citizens, especially children, from hate speech and discrimination on any grounds.

In addition, Deputy Stojanović has requested the Public Prosecutor’s Office for High Tech Crime to take actions within their competence in order to criminally prosecute the ones suspected of having committed the criminal offense of Racial and Other Discrimination under Article 387 of the Criminal Code.

“Online discriminatory behavior and statements, such as those addressed to Roma national minority children have to be sanctioned at once by competent authorities. Thus, I ask the Public Prosecutor's Office for High-Tech Crime to react urgently regarding the latest discrimination against Roma children on social networks”, Ms. Stojanovic said.

“Safeguarding child’s rights and best interest should be a priority not only in the competent authorities’ work, but also the society as a whole,” stated Stojanović and urged all participants in public communication to refrain from statements and behaviors that incite racial or any other discrimination.

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