The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure will propose to the Government Amendments to the Law on Legalization of Facilities that will enable the owners of illegal facilities, for which the legalization procedure is being conducted, to connect to the infrastructure temporarily, until the final completion of the legalization procedure.

The Protector of Citizens believes that the purpose of the proposed Amendments of the provisions of the Law on Legalization of Facilities would be achieved by deleting the paragraph 2 from Article 41 from the Law on Legalization of Facilities proscribing the economic offence for a public company, public utility company or another legal entity, which connected the facility in the process of legalization to the network or infrastructure.

The proposed amendment to the Law will influence the protection of citizens' rights, an adequate standard of living and the establishment of uniform and equal position of citizens who are in the same legal situation.

When assessing the mentioned act submission, the Protector of Citizens had in mind the fact that this is a larger group of citizens, including particularly vulnerable groups, which pursuant to the Constitution and the Law enjoy special protection, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, children and pregnant women, the Initiative for Amendments to the Law on Legalization of Facilities reads.