After the Protector of Citizens received the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media’s (REM) statement and performed direct monitoring on 2 June 2020 over this body’s work, and regarding the video featuring a child and REM’s decision to ban its broadcasting, the Protector of Citizens requested today REM to submit answers to additional questions.

The Protector of Citizens asked REM to inform it whether the broadcasters acted in accordance with the decision dated 1 June 2020 in the period since the public announcement of the REM decision to the formal delivery of the decision to the broadcasters, as well as after the formal delivery of the decision.

At the same time, the Protector of Citizens asked REM to inform it whether REM, within the monitoring of the work of media service providers, was determining whether the broadcasters paid special attention required in the case of participation of minors in the program, which is the obligation of broadcasters specified in the provision of Article 68, paragraph 11 of the Law on Electronic Media and Article 22, paragraph 5 of the Rulebook on the Protection of Minors’ Rights in the Field of Media Services, both prior to broadcasting the video and for the period from the moment of public announcement of the decision of REM on the ban on further broadcasting of the video. In addition, the Protector of Citizens asked REM to inform him about whether and what measures it had taken against media service providers.

Pursuant to the Law on the Protector of Citizens, REM is given a period of 15 days to respond to the Protector of Citizens’ request.