Upon learning from the media that children in a privately owned kindergarten in Belgrade have been suffering violence by kindergarten teachers, the Protector of Citizens instigated own-initiative investigation to control work legality and regularity of the Belgrade City Secretariat for Education and Children's Welfare.

The Protector of Citizens requests the Secretariat to submit a report on the activities undertaken in this case within 15 days, as well as a written record on the supervision of the work of the privately owned kindergarten institution "Zamak" in the City Municipality of Voždovac.

Bearing in mind that the City of Belgrade is not the founder of this kindergarten institution, but it only allocates funds for partial reimbursement of expenses of children’s stay in those institutions, the Protector of Citizens requires the Secretariat to include in the report the information on how it carries out the monitoring over the preschool institutions’ work.