After learning about the possible violation of the rights of pregnant women and nursing mothers due to the reduction of compensation with employers who used government support measures during the pandemic, the Protector of Citizens requested from the Ministry of Finance information on the manner of handling tax and contribution bases of employees in businesses which have been deferred the maturity time for paying taxes and contributions on salaries and wages and which are entitled to paying the deferred taxes and contributions in the following 24 months.

The Protector of Citizens learned from the media that the state-imposed measures to mitigate the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, including deferring the payment of taxes and contributions, have led to mothers, whose employers used this aid, receiving a significantly reduced compensation for pregnancy and maternity leave.

In the light of this development, the Protector of Citizens has requested information from the Ministry of Finance how the tax and contribution base is handled, for those employees in businesses whose due date for payment of taxes and contributions on salaries and salary compensations has been deferred and how it affects the exercise of the right to compensation for pregnant women and nursing mothers who exercised the right to compensation in the period from the adoption of the Decree on fiscal benefits and direct benefits to businesses in the private sector and financial assistance to citizens to mitigate economic consequences of COVID-19 up until 4 January 2021, and on the other hand, in what way it affects the ones who obtained the right after 4 January 2021.

Given that this affects pregnant women and nursing mothers who are in a particularly sensitive position, the Protector of Citizens expects the competent ministry to provide the information within 15 days.