The Protector of Citizens, on his own initiative, issued an Initiative to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to amend the applicable legislation in the field of education and pedagogy, which envisages that, in addition to public and private institutions, business entities with educational activity also be within the competence of educational inspection and pedagogical supervision.

"The provisions of the Law on the Fundamentals of the Education System regarding the procedure for establishing institutions, provisions on child safety, rules of conduct and prohibition of discrimination and abuse, violation of honor and reputation, which apply in institutions, should also apply to business entities conducting the activity of education which is not covered by this Law ", stated Mr. Zoran Pašalić, the Protector of Citizens.

The Protector of Citizens proposes that the applicable legislation relating to education and pedagogy in the future include all entities that participate in it, including groups of business entities that conduct educational processes independently of the legally regulated education and pedagogy system, and, for now, without the supervision of the mentioned system.

Mr. Pašalić points out that the proposed change to the legislation should refer to the education that business entities conduct as their predominant activity but also as a secondary activity.

"It is necessary to expand the competence of the educational inspection and professional pedagogical supervision in addition to public and private institutions to business entities performing educational activities that are not covered by the Law on the Fundamentals of the Education System, in order to equally protect the rights and interests of children and students in education" Mr. Pašalić reiterated.

The Protector of Citizens underlines that the process of education and pedagogy, due to its importance, especially when it comes to the young generation, must be regulated in the same way and based on the same Law for everyone who participates in it or is somehow involved in it.

"A situation in which a whole group of economic entities can implement various forms of educational process independently of the legally regulated system of education and pedagogy and without the supervision and control of the said system, can result in many unintended consequences, both in the short and long term", Mr. Pašalić emphasized.