The Protector of Citizens has requested the Ministry of Culture and Information to initiate adequate procedures in order to determine whether, by reporting about sexual abuse of two children in the vicinity of Kovin, certain media outlets infringed on the rights and interests of the children, and to take necessary measures within its remit.

In an own-initiative investigation launched due to possible infringement on the rights and interests of the child particularly the right to privacy, by publishing the text and the video of the location and house where the children live, the Protector of Citizens has requested the competent ministry to notify him within 15 days on the undertaken actions.

Finally, within the same investigation, the Protector of Citizens has requested Kovin Social Welfare Center to submit, no later than 15 days, information and relevant documentation on whether the family in question has been on the Center’s records, whether domestic violence has been reported so far and what activities and measures the Center has taken upon learning about the sexual abuse of two children.

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