b_280_0_16777215_00_images_Bojan_Stankovi_3.jpegMs. Jelena Stojanović, Deputy Protector of Citizens for Child Rights and Gender Equality, met today with Mr. Bojan Stanković, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, whose wife Efrosina, a citizen of Rwanda, was not granted a temporary stay in our country on the grounds of family reunification, while the child born last year has not yet been issued a health card.

During the conversation, Ms. Stojanović told Mr. Stanković that the Protector of Citizens, seven days ago i.e. immediately upon learning from the media about their problem, had launched own-initiative investigation against the Ministry of Interior and Republic Health Insurance Fund.

The Deputy Protector of Citizens also stated that she expected to obtain answers from the competent authorities by the middle of following week.

The Protector of Citizens learned from the media on 10 February 2021 that the citizen of Rwanda had been charged for health service at UCCS Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, even though she was married to a Serbian citizen, and that their child, born mid-last year had not been issued a health card.

For such reasons, but also due to media reports on the reasons why the citizen of Rwanda was not granted a temporary stay in the Republic of Serbia on the grounds of family reunification, the Protector of Citizens has launched investigations against the Ministry of Interior and the RHIF and set a 15 day deadline to be notified of all the circumstances of this case.

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