In the investigation initiated upon learning from the media that a child from Malo Crniće was removed from his family late last year with the use of police and a judge, the Protector of Citizens determined that the child had been hygienically, intellectually and socially neglected, that the parents had been partially deprived of parental rights and that the child had been in foster placement due to constant neglect.

In November 2020, the Protector of Citizens initiated an investigation to control work legality and regularity of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy following media allegations that the Social Welfare Center Malo Crniće removed a child from his parents due to poverty.

From the submitted documentation on the monitoring carried out by the line ministry over the work of SWC Malo Crniće, it was established that SWC repeatedly indicated to the parents that the child was malnourished and that the hygienic conditions in the house were not satisfactory, as well as that due to such conditions, the work with the family was intensified and corrective supervision over the exercise of parental rights was introduced.

SWC Malo Crniće then, as determined by the Protector of Citizens, initiated judicial proceedings for partial deprivation of parental rights of both parents, and that in that procedure SWC Veliko Gradište and Golubac, designated to perform the assessment, determined that the child was malnourished and hygienic, intellectually and socially neglected and suggested partial deprivation of parental rights, which was done by a court decision that became final in December 2019.

Since there was no voluntary relinquishment of the child, the Center continued to monitor the family and organize field visits, and enforcement proceedings was initiated before the court, so in October 2020 the child was removed from the parents and placed in a foster family, claims the report submitted to the Protector of Citizens.

As determined by the Protector of Citizens, before taking over the child, SWC experts agreed with the judge in charge of enforcement and police officers from Malo Crniće that the enforcement would be aborted if the child resisted or was upset, and since that did not happen, the mother packed the basics and after a medical check-up, the child was placed in a foster family, where he is today.

According to the Ministry's documentation, the parents initiated judicial proceedings for the restoration of parental rights, and SWC Veliko Gradište and Golubac should assess whether there have been significant changes comparing to the previous assessment, important for the exercise of parental rights of both parents.