In an investigation initiated upon social networks posts about the removal of a child from Vratarnica near Zaječar from parental family, the Protector of Citizens determined that, due to neglect, the father was fully deprived of parental rights and that the child has been on mutual adaptation in the family of prospective adoptive parents who are Serbian citizens since September 2020.

In an investigation to control work legality and regularity of the Zaječar Social Welfare Center and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, the Protector of Citizens determined that the child’s family has been on the Center’s record since March 2015 following the inquiry by the Zaječar City Administration to assign the name to the child because parents failed to do it within the legal deadline.

From the statements and documentation submitted by the competent Ministry and the Center, the Protector of Citizens determined that Zaječar SWC received reports of neglect from the patronage outreach service, and it was determined through field inspection that the baby was not gaining enough body weight and that the hygienic conditions were not satisfactory.

Thus, the Protector of Citizens determined that a three month old baby was placed under temporary direct guardianship and that during the monitoring period the family has received different types of support – one-time financial assistance for home adaptation, sanitary packages, child paternity has been acknowledged, the child had surname changed, has been vaccinated, issued a health card; and cooperation with the Red Cross was established, which provided support in kind and hygiene packages.

The child’s mother was fully deprived of legal capacity in 2016 and is currently under direct guardianship of the SWC in Zaječar, while during the monitoring period, the father was found to have been violent against the mother and to have grossly neglected the rights and needs of the child, the Protector of Citizens determined.

Due to endangering life and health of a child of low calendar age and the mother, the SWC decided to urgently remove the child to a foster family and place the mother in a foster family for adults and the elderly.

Zaječar SWC states in the report that while working on the case, it filed two criminal charges against the child’ father, as well as a motion for full deprivation of parental rights in mid-2016. By a final court decision of the Zaječar Basic Court from March 2020, the father was fully deprived of the parental right, and in late May that same year, the child was placed under the direct guardianship of the SWC in Zaječar.

Subsequently, the Center registered the child in the Single Personal Register of Adoption and after selecting the adoptive parent - a citizen of the Republic of Serbia, the child was placed in the family in September 2020 for mutual adaptation, the Protector of Citizens determined.

The Protector of Citizens also ascertained that the SWC in Zaječar filed a criminal charge against Mr. Saša Borojević, who in a video on the social network expressed suspicions that the child was taken illegally from the parents, for the criminal offense of unauthorized publication and display of other people's writings, portraits and recordings, unauthorized collecting of personal data and harming business reputation.