The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, was given public thanks from Bosnia and Herzegovina Ombudspersons Mr. Ljubinko Mitrović, Ms. Jasminka Džumhur and Ms. Nives Jukić due to his engagement on creating opportunities for those who do not hold the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, and particularly for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to get Covid-19 vaccines in our country.

“We are certain that there has been huge personal influence, as well as the influence of the Institutions they head, on the competent Institutions’ decision to provide vaccines to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who expressed their interest, on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia," reads the public statement of gratitude of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ombudspersons posted on the Institution’s official web site.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Ombudspersons underscored that more than 22,000 non-citizens of the Republic of Serbia were vaccinated in Serbia in the previous period.

"The decision of the competent institutions to enable all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to get vaccinated on the territory of the Republic of Serbia from 3 June 2021, is an example of humanism, good neighborly relations and further strengthening of mutual cooperation and trust between our countries", said the Ombudspersons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.