Upon learning from the media that a mother and son suffered injuries after domestic violence, and that father committed suicide following the attack in Zablaće, a village near Čačak, the Protector of Citizens launched own-initiative investigation to control work legality and regularity of the Ministry of Family Welfare and Demography and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

The Protector of Citizens has requested both Ministries to notify the Institution within 15 days on the pertinent facts related to the media allegations, particularly those relating to information that domestic violence has been present in that family before.

The competent Ministries are to notify the Protector of Citizens whether they had been previously informed about the violence in the family and, if so, what measures and activities they have been taken in this regard.

Finally, it is necessary to inform the Protector of Citizens whether, in order to protect women and children, the cooperation among bodies (police, social welfare institutions and judicial bodies), i.e. measures to prevent domestic violence have been put in place in compliance with General and Special Protocols for protection of women from domestic and intimate partner violence.