Friday, 27 January 2012

The Protector of Citizens has sent to the Government of the Republic of Serbia an Initiative for amending the Law on Non-Contentious Procedure in order to allow the persons whose civil status has never been institutionally recognise and who have never been registered into birth registry books to be registered also before the court within a reasonable time and without the obstacles that they have been facing in practice.

According to the estimates of the UNHCR and experts, there are some 6,500 individuals in Serbia who are not registered into birth registry books, do not possess personal documents and do not exercise their civil rights, which may potentially lead to a massive statelessness in the country. In cooperation with the NGOs Praxis and the Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, on the basis of citizens’ complaints and monitoring of the work of competent authorities that handled the requests of “legally invisible” persons for subsequent registration into birth registry books, the Protector of Citizens has gathered the facts and believes that the adoption of the amendments to the Law on Non-Contentious Procedure will provide the solution to this prоblеm in the citizens’ best interest.