Monday, 30 January 2012

The Protector of Citizens has established errors in work of the city administrations of Niš, Vrаnje and Јаgоdina consisting of the failure to perform tasks within their competences.

The Directorate for Civil Status and General Affairs of the City of Niš, the Secretariat for General Administration of the City of Vrаnje – Registry Office Gnjilаnе and the City Administration of Јаgоdina – Department for Administration – Registry Office for the Municipalities of Đаkоvicа and Dеčаni,  upon having registered the citizens into birth registry books, failed to send their birth certificates to the competent authority, in accordance with the law, for the purpose of determining the citizen’s unique personal number, and referred citizens to submit a request to police stations by themselves, in order to exercise that right. Such conduct not only represents an extremely inappropriate behavior towards the citizens, but to a large extent it complicated an already complex procedure of exercising the right to personal documents.

The Protector of Citizens ordered to these city administrations to fulfil their obligations, in these particular and all future cases, specified under the Law on Citizen’s Unique Personal Number, i. e. to officially address the competent authority for the purpose of determining the citizen’s unique personal number.  In addition, the Protector of Citizens believes that it is necessary that the heads of city administrations ensure the application of those provisions of the Law on Citizen’s Unique Personal Number that stipulate the obligations of the competent authority responsible for administering civil registry books, in order to prevent possible future violations of the citizens’ right to obtain a citizen’s unique personal number.

These city administrations are obliged to inform the Protector of Citizens, within 60 days, about the implementation of received recommendations.