The Protector of Citizens welcomes the efforts made to draft the National Strategy for Gender Equality for 2021-2030 and deems that, with some amendments, it would display a comprehensive framework for stepping-up the position of vulnerable social groups.

The Opinion by the Protector of Citizens to the wording of the Starting Premises on drafting the National Strategy for Gender Equality for 2021-2030, received on 9 August 2021 from the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue for submitting Opinion, presented a range of suggestions and proposals for a more detailed presentation of the very difficult position of women in rural areas, their specific needs and systemic measures to improve their status.

In addition, the Protector of Citizens, inter alia, has highlighted that the position of health mediators is still not a job post classified on a permanent basis in health care institutions, despite their undeniable success in their substantial contribution to increasing the number of Roma women and Roma children who have health insurance and use health care services.

In the Opinion, the Protector of Citizens has underscored that measures to improve the safety of women, men and children from all forms of gender-based violence should include Trans women, exposed to various forms of discrimination in the public and private spheres.

The Protector of Citizens has also pointed out as well that the Starting Premises should be supplemented pursuant to the Law on Gender Equality, according to which a person who does not have health insurance on any other basis acquires the right to health insurance based on unpaid work at home (housekeeping, rearing children, caring for children or other family members), unpaid work on the agricultural property, etc.