The Protector of Citizens Zoran Pasalic called on all citizens of the Republic of Serbia today who believe that their rights from the human rights corps were endangered during the roadblock over the weekend, to contact this institution and, if they have it, to submit evidence in the form of audio, photo and video recordings.

"We monitored the situation with roadblocks in Serbia over the weekend. We have a part of the documentation and we plan to investigate those cases, and that is why I call on all citizens who think that some of their rights have been endangered to contact this institution by e-mail, in person or by phone and to submit any video, audio or photo evidence if they have it", said Pasalic.

On the other hand, bearing in mind that as a society we should strive to respect European values and the rule of law, to which we often refer, we should also respect them, Pasalic emphasized.

"The rule of law means obedience to the Constitution, which defines freedom of assembly in Article 54, and the laws of the Republic of Serbia, in this case Articles 12 and 14 of the Law on Public Gatherings. Citizens who want to express, achieve or promote certain beliefs and goals, other rights and freedoms, should organize gatherings in accordance with the Law on Public Gatherings", stated Pasalic.

Pasalic appealed to citizens who intend to express their views, interests, rights and freedoms through public gatherings, and to all state bodies that perform activities during those gatherings to protect the safety of people and property, public health, morals and to protect the rights of others to mutually respect the right of citizens to public assembly, on the one hand, but also the right to freedom of movement of citizens who do not participate in an assembly, on the other.

The Protector of Citizens also emphasized that all parties should respect the right to physical and mental integrity, dignity of the person, the right to property of every citizen, regardless of whether he is a participant in the gathering or not, or a member of state bodies that perform the task of protection at gatherings.