Today, the Protector of Citizens urged the actors on the political scene in the Republic of Serbia not to use the name and reputation of the Protector of Citizens as independent state institution within their activities and to go public only with verified information and data in order not to mislead citizens.

“The Protector of Citizens did not receive the complaint from the family from Bor which the media reported was the target of the attack on national grounds and the Institution reportedly failed to react on the subject, even though Vlah People’s Party claims otherwise in its press release,” Mr. Zoran Pašalić, the Protector of Citizens said.

“The Protector of Citizens is an independent state institution which engages in human rights protection through administrative authorities’ control. From the media, we are acquainted with the problems that the family from Bor encounters, as well as with the fact that the case was reported to MOI which undertook the activities in this case”, said Pašalić.

Pašalić said that Protector of Citizens in his work paid special attention to the protection of the rights of vulnerable social groups, including the rights of national minorities, and stated that this Institution would continue to monitor the entire case and further MOI activities.