You will address the Protector of Citizens only after having tried to fulfill or protect your rights in an appropriate legal procedure. You may write a complaint by yourself or have it recorded by the employees of the Protector of Citizens’ Secretariat. The Protector of Citizens, as a rule, does not consider anonymous complaints. A parent or guardian may file a complaint on behalf of the child. The Protector of Citizens guarantees the confidentiality of personal data.

The complaint should be written in a clear, simple and concise manner and should include:

  • Name of the body whose work is the object of complaint
  • Description of the violation of rights and facts supporting the reason for filing a  complaint
  • Documented evidence on undertaken legal actions and/or used legal remedies
  • First and last name, address and phone number (if available) of the complainant

The Protector of Citizens will inform you about the initiation and completion of procedure upon your complaint. If legally prescribed conditions for conducting a procedure have not been met, the Protector of Citizens will inform you about the reasons for rejecting your complaint.