The Protector of Citizens requested the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media to act in accordance with the Law in its future work and to pronounce adequate sanctions against providers of media services at all times when it determines that they committed omissions and broadcast inappropriate content.

After learning that the horoscopes of a teacher of acting and the actress who filed a criminal charge in January 2021 and accused him publically of raping her as a teacher of acting in the acting school when she was 17, were interpreted in morning program of TV Happy, the Protector of Citizens launched own-initiative investigation to control work legality and regularity of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media.

In the investigation of control, the Protector of Citizens determined that the REM committed omissions in the work by not imposing appropriate measures to sanction Happy Television for broadcasting the contentious content as well as by halting the proceedings about this content even though it was concluded that the broadcaster had committed the violation.

In its notification to the Protector of Citizens, REM explained that it decided not to issue sanctions to media service provider because it had already issued a warning to TV Happy for identical content, and because the TV did not repeat the same violations subsequently.

In the Recommendation for eliminating the omissions, the Protector of Citizens requested REM to act in accordance with positive-legal regulations in the future and when deciding on the reports regarding the program content, to pronounce appropriate measures on media service provider with a view to sanctioning it at all times when the omissions are determined.