Today, the Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, visited the Ukrainian refugees staying in the Reception Center in Vranje and talked with them about their treatment in the Republic of Serbia, the problems they are facing and all kinds of assistance that they need.

“In Vranje Reception Center, there are currently 42 people from Ukraine – 2 men, 25 women and 15 children. I was told that they were satisfied with the accommodation and hospitality, and that they were grateful for the support they were receiving from the citizens of Serbia. I have called on them to approach the Protector of Citizens regarding any problem they might have”.

Pašalić stated that the refugees from Ukraine only mentioned as a complaint the fact that when entering Serbia, they had stayed longer on the border crossing and that only one person reported the lack of travel documents.

During Pašalić’s conversation with Ukrainian refugees, the Consul from Ukrainian Embassy in Belgrade Ms. Olga Antonova came as well to the Reception Center, and she was acquainted with the problems of a person from Ukraine who did not have travel documents which she needed to travel to her relatives in a European country.

In the Reception Center in Vranje, Pašalić spoke with the employees about the problems that they have been encountering and about the possibilities for improving the conditions in which Ukrainian refugees are staying, as well as about the importance of creating the conditions to eschew potential danger that the refugees from Ukraine, particularly women and children, become the victims of human trafficking.