On his own initiative, and on the basis of information and knowledge from the media, the Protector of Citizens launched a control investigation into the legality and regularity of the work of the Centre for Social Work in Novi Pazar and the Ministry of Interior.

The investigation refers to the tragedy that happened on 17th April 2022 in Novi Pazar, in which one person died.

Considering that, according to the media, there have been previous reports of domestic violence regarding the person who died, the Protector of Citizens asked the Centre for Social Work to submit a report within 15 days on whether they were aware of the family situation in this family, whether there were reports of violence and whether they were considered by the Coordination and Cooperation Group, with special reference to the measures and actions that the Centre, in cooperation with other authorities, may have taken to provide adequate support and protection to potential victims of domestic violence.

The Protector of Citizens asked the Ministry of Interior to submit a detailed report on the actions of the competent police administration in this specific case within 15 days, especially about the activities carried out by police officers in this case and the possible cooperation achieved with the CSW, the prosecutor's office and other authorities on previous reports of domestic violence, if they were submitted. In particular, it is necessary for them to indicate whether the police officers acted in accordance with the obligations prescribed by the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence and the General and Special Protocol for the Protection of Women against Violence within the Family and Intimate Partner Relations.

After receiving the answers from these institutions, the Protector of Citizens will decide on further actions.