Today, the Deputy Protector of Citizens for Children's Rights and Gender Equality, Jelena Stojanović, greeted the future educators of the summer school of the Protector of Citizens "Learn Your Rights", which is being held within the project "Children to children – know your rights", funded by the Bulgarian Development Aid. The training will be held in the next three days by the selected educators and the employees of the Sector for the Rights of the Child of the Protector of Citizens.

Future educators, youth advisory panellists of the Protector of Citizens will get to learn about the skills of public communication, that is, public appearance, the challenges and the role of children and youth in the media, violence on the Internet, as well as about the content and the essence of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in order to educate their peers about their rights in the most successful way possible.

The training is conducted in compliance with the principle of participation and implies creating conditions so that the voice of children and youth can be heard, which the Protector of Citizens strongly promotes, in order to encourage children and youth to raise issues of importance for improving their position in the Republic of Serbia.