The Protector Citizens Zoran Pašalić said today on the occasion of International Pride Day that LGBTI persons are still exposed to abuse, verbal and physical violence and said that Serbia must provide conditions in which members of this population would feel as equal members of society.

Legal regulation of same-sex unions and the consequences of adjusting gender and gender identity, education about the position and rights of LGBTI persons, activities aimed at breaking prejudices and stereotypes and developing support services are a prerequisite for the systemic improvement of the position of the LGBTI population in Serbia, Pašalić pointed out.

"I expect that the adopted Law on Amendments to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination and the Law on Gender Equality will enable a greater degree of protection for LGBTI persons, and future amendments to the Criminal Code should treat criminal acts committed on the basis of sexual orientation as acts of racism and intolerance", Zoran Pašalić said.