The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, announced today that he will initiate changes to the current legal regulations, which would define special measures for those convicted of crimes against sexual freedom after the end of their sentence and their stay in penal-correctional institutions, in order to prevent them from committing these crimes again.

"I believe that the existing regulations should be amended in order to apply special measures to perpetrators of crimes against sexual freedom, even in cases where adult victims are concerned, such as mandatory reporting to the police and the Administration for the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions, mandatory notification of change of permanent or temporary residence or workplace, mandatory visits to professional counselling centres or institutions, as well as mandatory declaration of intention to travel abroad", Pašalić said.

Special measures would apply to convicts who served their sentences for crimes against sexual freedom against adult persons, Pašalić said regarding the media announcements that attracted a lot of public attention, which said that a person who has committed multiple rapes, i.e., who is a multiple returnee, is at liberty again after serving his sentence, without any monitoring measures towards him.

"Amendments to the existing regulations are necessary because the Law on Special Measures to Prevent Criminal Offences against Sexual Freedoms of Minors, known as the so-called "Maria's law”, adopted in 2013, applies only in cases where the victims of crimes against sexual freedom are minors", said the Protector of Citizens.