The City of Novi Sad, the Municipality of Bela Palanka and the Municipality of Babušnica are the winners of this year's award, which the Protector of Citizens, in cooperation with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities – Association of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia, is awarding for the sixth year in a row to cities, municipalities and urban municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, which in the previous year contributed the most to the development of all forms of accessibility in their territory, that is, in their surroundings.

Recognition for the development of public and civil sector partnership in creating an accessible environment and availability of services was given to the City of Šabac, commendation for advocating for improved access to the City Administration services to the City of Niš, and certificates of thanks for participating in the Public Call for awards for the development of accessibility in 2021 were received by the cities of Vranje, Leskovac, Smederevo and Sombor, as well as the Municipality of Svilajnac.