The Protector of Citizens asked the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – Department for Social Protection – Department for Inspection Supervision to promptly conduct inspection supervision over the work of unregistered, i.e., illegal homes for the accommodation of adult and elderly beneficiaries and to take all measures in cooperation with other competent authorities to eliminate the observed shortcomings.

Furthermore, it is necessary for the Ministry to closely monitor whether unregistered homes initiate without delay the procedure for obtaining a license and registration, whether they promptly implement the declared emergency measures, i.e., whether they eliminate other illegalities in their work.

Also, it is necessary for the Ministry to monitor whether unregistered homes comply with the ban on carrying out activities or carrying out activities until the prescribed conditions are met and, if it determines that the controlled subject has not carried out the stated measures, initiate the proceedings before the competent judicial authority in a timely manner, in order to protect the beneficiaries of these institutions.

The Protector of Citizens also issued a recommendation to the Ministry to employ the appropriate number of social protection inspectors in the Department for Inspection Supervision, if, based on the assessment of real needs on the ground, it is established that the improper undertaking of all measures within the scope of the competence of the social protection inspector is a consequence of the insufficient number of employees in relation to the workload.
The Ministry was given a period of 30 days to take measures to act on the recommendations.