The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, said today that this institution will pay special attention to the regular elections for members of national councils of national minorities, which will be held on Sunday, 13 November 2022, at 949 polling stations in the Republic of Serbia. At the same time, he called on members of national minorities to contact him if their rights get violated.

Pašalić reminds that members of national councils are elected by 23 national minorities, of which 19 have fulfilled the conditions for direct elections, and four national minorities will elect their members through the electoral assembly.

National councils, as minority self-government bodies, exercise their powers in the area of culture, education, information and official use of language and script, and the Protector of Citizens calls on members of national minorities to use their right to vote and go to the polls in as large a number as possible.

According to the concluded special voter sheets, it was determined that 19 national minorities fulfilled the condition for direct elections (Albanian, Ashkali, Bosniak, Bulgarian, Bunjevac, Wallachian, Greek, Egyptian, Hungarian, German, Polish, Roma, Russian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Czech), and four of them for elections through the electoral assembly (Gorani, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Croatian), with the fact that the Executive Board of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia, by law, performs the function of the national council and does not participate in the election process.