Photo: Protector of Citizens

The Protector of Citizens, Zoran Pašalić, emphasized today, on the occasion of 20 November – International Children's Day, that the rights of every child must be protected at every opportunity without exception, but that the rights of children also have their limitations, and these are the rights of others – the rights of teachers, parents and peers.

"Every child has, among other things, the right to education, socialization, healthy psycho-social development and a carefree childhood. However, children's rights also have their limitations when they begin to limit the rights of others, more precisely the rights of peers, parents and teachers", Pašalić said.

In anticipation of the celebration of the International Children's Day, on Friday, 18 November 2022, the Protector of Citizens held an educational workshop on children's rights and their protection with sixth-grade students of the "Ratko Mitrović" Elementary School from Belgrade, who, among other things, criticized the violent behavior of students of the technical school from Trstenik towards their teacher, who filmed it all and put it on social networks.

Photo: Protector of Citizens

Students of the "Ratko Mitrović" Elementary School from Belgrade jointly concluded that in such situations, it is necessary to work with both children and teachers, with the involvement of parents and the wider community, in order to pay more attention to the prevention of violence and not only to the reaction to violence when it already occurs.

The workshop, with the aim of improving the knowledge and understanding of children and young people about their rights and available protection mechanisms, was led by students who attended the Summer School of the Protector of Citizens, which was held in Novi Sad in September this year, together with employees from the Secretariat of the Protector of Citizens and a member of the Youth Advisory Panel of the Protector of Citizens.