After the conducted control investigation, the Protector of Citizens identified omissions in the work of the Centre for Social Work in Kruševac and issued recommendations. Acting on the complaint of one of the parents that his children were forcibly taken from him, after obtaining the documentation, the Protector of Citizens determined that the Centre did not respond adequately in the case of this family, which has been on their records since 2012. Based on the established shortcomings in the work and the standards of domestic and international law in protecting children from neglect, violence and abuse, the Protector of Citizens issued the competent guardianship authority recommendations to urgently evaluate the Service Plan for juveniles. The new service plan should include all measures to protect and improve the development and health of children, as well as all other available data on the situation and needs of children.

In the investigation, it was established that the Centre made irreparable errors in its work to the detriment of the rights of juveniles, because in a period of seven years, it did not examine and verify the allegations from reports on the neglect of the rights and interests of children. Nothing was done about the report on domestic violence and severely disturbed family relations, which was submitted to the Centre in 2012. The Centre failed to monitor and supervise parents in the exercise of parental rights and to provide them with support, counseling and other assistance services, even though it had reports from other institutions that indicated inadequate parental functioning and insufficient parental capacities. The taking away of children in December 2021 represents the most difficult form of taking children away from their parents and family conditions, without any previous activities of the Centre to provide support, help, counseling, supervision services with parents, but also to improve the family's financial situation and living conditions.

Only ten years after the first report of child neglect, in mid-December 2021, when the school reported that the child had not been attending classes since the beginning of the school year, the Centre reacted and urgently placed the children in a foster family. Without going into the results of the assessment and the formed professional opinion and the necessity of urgent relocation of children, the Protector of Citizens assessed that during the ten years, the Centre failed to undertake all activities that would improve the lives and needs of children, it is stated, among other things, in the recommendation.